Tyrolean bacon, eggs, mountain herbs and fresh bread  from the moutain farm

Our Troppmerhof Mountain Farm

Tradition, agriculture and local specialities

The Troppmerhof

The atmosphere in our small alpine farm on the Finkenberg that our family has run for multiple generations is quiet and relaxed.
It smells of fresh hay and fragrant mountain herbs. The pigs sleep in their straw; the chickens scratch around for seeds in the farmyard; and the barn cat lays on the warm wooden beams in the barn and quietly observes what’€s going on today at the farm.

Our cows spend the summer months at our alpine pasture in Tux in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. Here our animals enjoy the spicy herbs, fresh mountain spring water and the unlimited freedom at 2,000 metres altitude. We bring the healthy, delicious taste of the mountains to you in the valley in the form of fresh alpine milk.

Enjoy with a clean conscience

In Tyrol, cows and cattle have been kept and taken care of for centuries at small traditional farms on the Zillertal mountain slopes.
This careful, respectful contact with animals guarantees the excellent quality of our meat and dairy products.

At the four-star Hotel Kristall our host and chef, Thomas Buchsteiner, uses the best beef, veal and pork meat from our own alpine farm in Zillertal to create delicious dishes that our guests enjoy as part of our half-board.
Other meat products such as exceptional sausages and bacon are purchased daily from local butcher Hans Gasser in Mayrhofen.

Homemade treats from the Alpine dairy

Fresh, healthy milk, real yoghurt, speciality cheeses and delicious, spreadable butter.
At our breakfast buffet we spoil our guests with first-class homemade dairy products right from our own farm. Hay-milk products are purchased daily from the regional hay-milk Zillertal dairy in Mayrhofen. Treat yourself to a fresh roll right from the oven with the genuine taste of natural country products and savour the difference!

Freshly harvested and full of vitamins

Crunchy carrots, firm, earthy potatoes, crisp lettuce and fragrant mountain herbs.
Tyrolean vegetable farmer Johann Bosch from Thaur delivers harvest-fresh local fruits and vegetables.

Specially-chosen ingredients, the best regional products, age-old tradition and the taste of nature.
At the Hotel Kristall we treat our guests to top quality from Tyrol.


Have we whetted your appetite for our delicious foods?

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