Loungers at the quiet room in the wellness area

The Hotel Kristall’s Soft Pack

Beauty mask on your holiday in Zillertal

This exquisite body wrap smells delicate and leaves a pleasant, soft feeling on the skin. Wrapped in soft towels, sink into the soothing warmth of the soft pack bed set to the perfect temperature – without coming into contact with water. Immediately, the cosy warmth of the water will surround you whilst stimulating circulation, relieving muscle tension, joint and back pain and relaxing body and soul.

Weightless in the Zillertal valley

While the highly-effective skin care products do their work on your skin, enjoy the comfortable warmth, soft pressure, enjoyable quiet and the sheltered feeling you get from the soft pack bed that wraps your body like a soft, protective cocoon.

with evening primrose oil: 45 min. € 55.00

The fatty acids contained in evening primrose oil - especially gamma linolenic acid - positively contribute to healthy fat metabolism and thus promote hormonal and emotional balance.

with goat butter (perfect for dry skin): 45 min. € 45.00

We recommend goat butter cream with its high content of goat butter and jojoba oil for daily skin care - especially for dry as well as problem skin. The high-quality cream replenishes skin's moisture, promotes regeneration of the skin, and has a soothing, protecting effect.

with massage: 45 min. € 70.00

with wine marc - suited for any skin type: 45 min. € 50.00

Even in ancient times, our ancestors mixed wine and oil and used it for skin care. The fruit acids work as a peel, and the grape seed oil has a regenerating, revitalizing effect on cells and the body. The oil is mixed with wine marc (press residue from wine production) and massaged into the body... wine marc products act as intracellular glue. Active agents or care products are then better absorbed by the skin.